Weigh-In #60 and Frustration

I won’t sugar coat it. See the picture? That is how I feel. DISAPPOINTED.

Except being a fat baby is way cuter than being an overweight 32 year old woman. According to my BMI, I’m still overweight.

WI#60 = +2 lbs
Total = -50.8 lbs

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Where did all my determination go? I know some of the gain is b/c I ran 2- 5Ks in a row right before weigh-in and my muscles are sore but… Come on Self. Let’s honest. It’s not all muscle water retention. It’s not all muscle gain. It’s the triple french toast you ate on Sunday. It’s the cheesecake you ate on Friday. It’s the chips and salsa you ate on Saturday. You can’t exercise away a bad diet. *primal scream*

The self sabotaging is getting old. *smacks hand*

Self, get back in the game. NOW!

In happier news, my Color Run 5K was awesome. Will post a recap and pictures tomorrow.


Weigh-in #57 and Trackity track track

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been pretty disappointed when I step on the scale for the last 2 months.

The weight loss has been so up and down. It’s literally like a roller coaster. Roller coasters make me nauseous. It’s not a good feeling. What’s even more frustrating is that in the beginning of my weight loss journey, I was averaging a 5lb/month loss but in the last 2 months I haven’t lost 5 lbs.

So I decided to keep doing the Wendie Plan for another week to get my head back in the right frame of mind. My personality needs to see the numbers to keep the eating under control. And I know that having a set WW daily point schedule to follow will get me back to tracking my food.

WI#57 = -1.2 lbs
Total = -52.4 lbs

You’d think after this long, I’d know that tracking IS key.

I guess sometimes I need the scale to remind me. Thanks Scale.

Playing Catch Up

So sorry Readers.

It’s been a crazy week.

My husband is sick. My nieces have pneumonia. My students are dripping snot. It’s a miracle I’m not sick. *knock on wood*

So here’s my catch up post.

WI #56 = +0.6 lbs. Ugh. I want my free etools already!! I know I’m losing inches but… Even after this long it still sucks to see a gain but it sucks even more when it’s time to update my picture+stats and I weigh more than I did 4 weeks previous. Optimistic muscle gain? *shrugs* You can see my new picture on my sidebar and in my weight loss journey.

VAB Shamrock 8K:
Better late than never right? Basically here’s the gist. I’ve been a part of a Weight Watchers online running support group for more than a year now and some of us crazy girls decided to meet up in real life in Virgina Beach and celebrate all our accomplishments by running together. We’re from all over the USA: California (representing!), North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, DC, Ohio, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. How fun is that?! It was my first non-5K and I came in under my goal of 1 hour. Go me! Special thanks to Elise, of Team Sparkle, for our cutesie green sparkle skirts and argyle leggings.

WARNING: This part is picture heavy!

There were over 9000 people running the VAB Shamrock 8K with us!

Me hamming it up as I ran by with my friend, Nique. Her sister, Shannon, was our official race photographer

My running group. The War Turtles! All these ladies are FREAKING amazing!

Admiring our medals. I think this is when someone realized it could double as a bottle opener. lol

I left Virginia with a renewed sense of determination. How could you not after spending time with all these women marveling at their own weight loss stories. I miss them all. It was a weekend I’ll never forget.

So screw you “gain”. I’m more than a number on the scale.

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” ~Anne of Green Gables

Booze, Biscuits and Weigh-I #55

Happy Tuesday readers!

I wasn’t sure what to expect for this week’s weigh-in because I was out of town for a Girl’s Weekend with 15 friends. (I’ll save the weekend details for my next post!) But I will tell you that there was a lot of eating (Bo-Berry Biscuits are TOO delicious!) and drinking (the booze kind). All of which aren’t really what I would call “On Plan” in the quantity I ingested ya know?


WI#55 = -0.8 lbs
Total = -51.8 lbs

Hee haw and darn tootin’!

I’ll take it.

I’m sure my saving grace was running the Virgina Beach Shamrock 8K on St. Patrick’s Day. According to my heart rate monitor I burned 800+ calories. It’s obvious to me after 55 weeks that in order for me to eat my favorite foods, I have to exercise.

Calories in. Calories out. And I’m TOTALLY ok with that! I’ve made it part of my life.

Weigh-In #54 and Tracking Success

Another Tuesday. Another weigh-in.

WI #54 = -0.8 lbs
Total = -51.0 lbs

What do you know? Tracking works!

(Thanks Jessica for sharing this scale picture on my FB page! It is beyond perfect for me and my blog!)

WI #53 and I don’t wanna talk about it

Today is weigh-in day.

WI#53 = +1.8lbs
Total = -50.2 lbs

Ugh. I’m really pissed at my self-sabotage.

There’s not much more I can say about it. :(

My 1 Year Reflections and Weigh-In #52

Today is my 1 year anniversary with Weight Watchers.

Wow. *letting it sink in*

A year ago, that sounded like a long time coming.

But if you ask me now. It just flew by.

In one year…
-I started and graduated from the Couch to 5K program. (There’s an app for that!)
-I’ve run eight 5Ks (3 miles).
-I’ve taken weekly Zumba and Pilates classes (and still do).
-I’ll be running my first 8K (5 miles) in 15 days.
-I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon (eek!).
-I read nutritional labels and realize that 1 package is NOT necessarily the calories written on the box. Don’t forget serving size people!
-I bought a digital food scale and use it religiously.
-I cook more.
-I still love to bake cupcakes.
-I love to eat out (and still eat pizza at least 1x a month!)
-I have control of my depression.
-I have collar bones!
-I wear pants that don’t have elastic.
-I bought belts.
-I can cross my legs when I sit down.
-I’m eating so many new foods including bananas and beans. Me? A self-proclaimed banana and bean hater!
-I love myself again.

weight: 191.2 –> 139.2 lbs
thighs: -7 inches
waist: -14 inches
bust: -11 inches
arms: -2 inches
jean size: 18 –> 6
BMI: 34.9 (grossly obese) –> 25.5 (borderline overweight/normal)

In 52 weeks, I’ve had 38 losses, 11 gains and 3 maintains but do you “see” the gains?? Nope! Don’t let gains discourage you! Success is not a straight line. There will be bumps and blips along the way. You only fail if you quit.

It’s been a pretty amazing journey. And it’s still not over.

Even after I reach my personal goal (I’m so close!), this is a lifelong journey. Instead of fighting it, I’m embracing it. One day at a time.

Thank you READERS for continuing on my journey with me…

Weigh-In #51 and Devil Wears Prada

Eek! I’m a day late.

Tuesday is my usual weigh-in day. But I’ve been laid up with the stomach flu. I’ve been laying on the couch so long that my couch cushions have molded to my body. It totally sucks. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

But my friend did send me this funny that made me laugh through the stomachache, fever, fatigue and nausea.

WI #51 = -3.0 lbs
Total = -52.6 lbs

Hey! Whadda know? I guess Meryl Strep knows what she’s talking about. But I’m totally conflicted. Weight loss-Good! Stomach flu-Nasty crap!

I know that these 5-10 lbs are the hardest to lose and I’m sure as soon as I get well again my weight loss will slow down as my food intake goes up and I get back to my normal exercise routine. I really miss Pilates and running. A year ago I never would have said those words! Progress not perfection right?

Now if only this stomach flu would GTFO!!

Residuals and Weigh-in #50

I was really torn this morning about my weigh-in. Hence the “frustrated women wanting to smash her scale” picture to the left of your computer screen.

Yesterday I saw an all time low on the scale: 139.8lbs! I’ve been waiting FOREVER to reach the next decade. I was so giddy that I was practically floating around the house all day. Then BAM! This morning…

WI #50 = +1.0 lbs
Total = -49.6 lbs

*smacks head*

I was “this” close to blogging about the weight on the scale from Monday instead of this morning but it just didn’t seem right. I feel like it’s important to be completely honest with myself during this whole weight loss journey and reporting the weight from yesterday would feel like I gave myself a pass for last night. I know me. If I get on that road then it will become too easy to start making excuses for every food centric event, holiday, gathering in my life.

I know it’s just residuals from last night’s (early) Valentine’s Day dinner with my husband. Mmm… tapas at our favorite Spanish restaurant. But geez. It totally sucks to see a gain on the scale that fast. :/

Oh well. It is what it is.

Weigh-In #49 and Say Whaaaaat?

*picking jaw off the ground*

WI #49 = -1.4 lbs
Total = -50.6 lb

Say whaaattt??

I’m kinda in shock. I thought it was already wishful thinking to hope for a maintain. I wasn’t expecting a loss.

How is that possible?

It probably helped that I didn’t skip my regularly scheduled Pilates, Zumba, running or walking the dog routine even though I had a lot of food centric events last week. I bet that was my saving grace.

Just goes to show you.
Sometimes you owe the scale.
But sometimes the scale owes you.

Either way… I’LL TAKE IT! *fist pump*