Motivational Monday:: My 100 List

Usually around this time of the year I make my customary “lose weight” New Year’s Resolution.  But this year I decided to focus on the things that have changed in the last 18 months since losing 60lbs on Weight Watchers instead.

At first my intention was to make it a list of 25 but once I got started I realized that I had so much more to add.  No matter where you are in your weight loss journey I hope you make your own 100 list.  I bet it’s easier than you think!


See you next year!  Be awesome in 2013.


Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

Sorry I’ve been MIA readers.

It’s been a rough WW week. Total meltdown and binge-fest ensued. Give me another day to get my head in the right space and I’ll give you more details in the next blog post.

In the mean time… I made this poster.

Both quotes resonate for me and where I am in my WL journey right now.

Maybe it will resonate with you too.