It’s All About Me

I live with my Husband and our 115lb Great Pyrenees in a townhouse off the southern coast of California. (Doesn’t that sound fancy?) I’ve been with my husband for almost 12 years but we didn’t actually tie the knot until July 2007. (I needed the health insurance. Hey! At least I’m honest.)

Thankfully he loves me and I love him so it all kinda works out. Can I reminisce for a minute? The funniest wedding moment was during the vows when our officiant said “Do you take this woman to be your wife?” and Husband said “I do!”, his father (my FIL) yelled out… “It’s about time!”

I’m a thirty-something-wondering-where-her-twenty-somethings-went girl that still doesn’t know what she wants be when she grows up. Although I am throwing around the idea of being Vanna White’s understudy. Everyone tells me I have great jazz hands.

I’m still learning the whole food+photography gig. Nine times out of 10, I shoot with my Sony Cybershot DSC-S700 and I’m not above using photo editing programs when I can’t get the lighting just right on my own. (Yeah I said it!) But I’m hoping to “really explore the space” with my Sony A200 DSLR as time goes on. Can I be honest? The thing scares me! So many buttons. F-stop is the inverse of what now? I’m like a man and refuse to read the instruction manual.

Please give credit back to my blog if you use any of my photos or original recipes. Although ingredients are not technically under copyright, my step-by-step instructions are. I retain the rights to them. So I’d appreciate if you don’t C/P my instructions word-for-word. *stern stare* Besides I’m sure your readers would rather read YOUR own step-by-step experience instead. Since they are reading your blog and not mine. (What’s up with that?)

Phat vs Fat
I admit it. I’m fat. But I aspire to be PHAT.

(Those pictures above are from skinnier days. Le sigh…)

Even though there were a few moments leading up to that “How Did I Let This Happen?” epiphany that helped me make the decision, the REAL driving force was when my bff, Nikki (I’m sure you’ll hear me mention her a lot in my blog), told me she had signed up 2 weeks prior.

That was it! I finally had my AH HA moment. I didn’t wanna be the FAT friend. I didn’t want to see a two as the first number in my weight. I didn’t want to avoid mirrors and cameras like the plague. I didn’t want to search the sale rack for an “X” in my clothing size. I just didn’t want to be ME anymore!

So if she was signing up, I was signing up too!

Selfish? Oh yes.
Does it matter? Nope.

It only matters that I DID it. And I promised myself I would embrace the journey as a new lifestyle. Because there’s no going back. So I checked “Sign up for Weight Watchers” off my bucket list on March 1, 2011.

This blog is a record of my weight loss journey.

Click (here) to see my current stats and pictures.
I will update them weekly for your amusement.

Most people know I’m a CW (comment whore). I LOVE getting comments. But let’s wo/man up, mkay? If you’re gonna leave me a rude comment. Don’t be anonymous or use a fake email. That just makes you look more like a a$$hat. Just sayin’.

Feel free to email me anytime with comments, questions and/or suggestions! While I ♥ emails from my readers, SPAM should only come encased in gelatinous goo in a can. Yum! I will try my best to answer all emails in a timely manner. But please remember that I don’t sit at my computer waiting for readers to email me. I do have a life outside of blogging (Really I do!) and sometimes replies can take longer than I intend. Can you believe people actually get mad? Earth to mean people. This is a hobby. I’m not your personal Google search. (Unless I’m you and you’re my BFF, Nikki.)

And t-t-t-that’s all folks.

Smell ya later!

DISCLAIMER: I try to the best of MY ability to calculate WW+ points for each recipe. But points can vary depending on product and brand name. If you feel there is a discrepancy, please don’t hesitate to email me. I am not responsible if *YOU* gain weight! (You think I’m joking but you’d be amazed at some emails I get.)


6 responses

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your cuppycakes blog for ever and then saw this one today and while perusing it realized we both are in So Cal! I live in Costa Mesa! If you ever want a running buddy I’d be glad to go. I’ve been doing ww for a little while too, congrats on your progess! Its really motivating! I love your cuppycakes blog too. Are you going to Cupcake Camp OC?

    • Hi Camilla! Hurray for So Cal residence! I’d love a running buddy! I don’t get down to Costa Mesa that often though. I run more in Long Beach. Did you run the OC Fair 5K? I did this year and it was great. How are you doing on WW? I am still debating over Cupcake Camp so I haven’t bought tickets yet b/c I might be running a 5K instead. Are you going?

  2. I stumbled upon your cupcake blog. Which led me to this blog! :)
    I’m a WWer too! Have been for 3+yrs and have lost 138lbs so far. It’s great seeing that someone who loves cupcakes is losing weight too! Go you!

  3. Nice work on the weight loss! I LOVE cupcakes too.

    I have always been small around 60kgs but after my son was born I weighed 100kgs. I am not sure how, emotional eating maybe, I guess it doesn’t matter now. He is now 10 and thankfully I lost that weight over a 3 year period and got back to 60kgs.

    I am now on another weight loss journey – after a 3 month European trip I have come back 6kgs heavier. Not much, sure but the feeling of going ‘back’ is terrifying and so my journey begins. I look forward to reading though your posts for inspiration.

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