One Amazing Day

Now that my heart rate has come back down to normal, I wanna tell you about yesterday.

Weight Watchers is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year (2013). Yesterday many WW locations all over the country hosted an Open House themed “One Amazing Day” to invite current and potential members to listen/be inspired by member success stories, Pampered Chef demos, Antigulla Olive Oil taste testing, WW bar samples, clothes swap (I donated a 45gal tub full of clothes!), WW360 program overview and gift basket raffle.

Do I look nervous?  I was SO nervous!

That’s me! I was SO nervous!

I was humbled when my WW leader invited me to be one of the speakers at my meeting location. She explained that I would have about 10 minutes to share my story. Eek!

I talked about my “aha moment”.
I talked about my before picture and my fat pants.
I talked about the importance of asking for support.
I talked about adding activity.
I talked about how I stayed motivated when I gained.
and more…

I want to thank my fellow speakers, Barbara (lost 35lbs), Barry (lost 26lbs), Susan (lost 35lbs) and Erica (lost 101lbs). Their stories inspired me! I hope something I said inspired just one person in the audience. After everyone shared their stories, we took questions from the audience. I thought it was funny that people wanted to know how tall I am.

I am 5’1.5 but I round up to 5’2… in case you were wondering. lol

Did you go to “One Amazing Day” in your area? What’s one thing you took from it? I’d love to hear about it.

Thank you to my dear husband for holding his iPhone steady with minimal shaking for almost 12 minutes to tape this video! xo

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