That *IS* me on TV!

Can I just tell you all how perceptive you are?

After my 100 List post was published it wasn’t too long before I started getting the emails about #50 — I am a Weight Watchers magazine and commercial success story.  Pretty much all of them said the same thing “I THOUGHT THAT WAS YOU!!”

Yup.  That’s me.  I’m on TV.  Did you catch my 2 secs of fame?  The banner above is a still shot of my little TV moment.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.


This whole thing all started when I decided a week before Weight Watcher’s Celebrate Success contest ended, to submit my story.  It was totally on a whim.  It was late.  I couldn’t sleep so I said “What do I have to lose?” I knew it said all entries would be “considered” for a TV commercial but I was focused on the SURE THING – to win the Grand Prize $2500 NYC shopping spree.  Heck I would have been happy being one of the 100 First Prize $100 Visa Card winners.

Since I hadn’t heard anything for a few weeks after the contest ended I figured… Oh well… I tried.  No regrets (well except those Louboutin shoes that I was gonna buy with that $2500! lol). Normal life continued and I forgot about the contest.  Then on a random Monday morning, my phone rang.

“Hello?  Clara?  This is “X” from Weight Watchers.  You recently entered the Celebrate Success contest.  We not affiliated with choosing the winners of the contest but we were wondering if you would be interested in auditioning for a potential Weight Watcher’s commercial?  Clara?  Hello? Anyone there?”

I was literally speechless.  It took me a few seconds to remember I had a voice “Um… YES!! YES YES!”

Three weeks and 2 auditions later, a private town car picked me up at my house and drove me to Beverly Hills’ swanky Mr. C hotel.  The driver even had the whole chauffeur outfit on.  Complete with the hat.  I loved the hat.

There I met 11 other AMAZING castmates along with all the other thousands of people it takes to put on a production. And it was TOTALLY a production!


Enzo Angilerii (hair stylist), me and Collier Strong (makeup artist)
Two of the sweetest men you’ll ever meet.


Jennifer Harbour (WW Sr. Marketing Manager), Jory (PA), Me, Sharon Ehrlich (Creative Director), Vicky (PA) during the taping of WW Only Human YouTube project


Me and Negar Ali (wardrobe stylist).
My face is priceless. You want me to wear what now??


Here’s one of my “I have no more moves” pose.


Me and Peyton Wilson (director)


My husband and I played tourist over the weekend during non-shoot times.


Pete, Dan, Erin and me.
You probably recognize all of them from the WW #expectamazing campaign.

There are so many people I need to thank but I don’t know where to start.  From the camera crew, to the lighting crew, the producers, directors, personal assistants, contract writers, notaries, stage crew, makeup, hair, wardrobe, my castmates etc etc.  See what I mean?? 

You can see my Only Human YouTube project (here), my WW commercial (here), my direct mailer (here) and my WW magazine print (here).

It was an experience I will NEVER forget.

It doesn’t hurt to try something out of your comfort zone. You might just end up on TV!


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  1. I’m so proud of you and I don’t even know you! … though I’ve been a fan of your cupcake blog for years and have even emailed a few times to ask you baking questions. THANK YOU for your inspiration. I just watched your “I am Human” video and it made me tear up; just the push I need to get back into it after these holidays. I’m hoping one day I won’t HAVE to “get back into it after the holidays” and it will just be a natural thing for me. YOU ROCK! :)

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