Motivational Monday:: My 100 List

Usually around this time of the year I make my customary “lose weight” New Year’s Resolution.  But this year I decided to focus on the things that have changed in the last 18 months since losing 60lbs on Weight Watchers instead.

At first my intention was to make it a list of 25 but once I got started I realized that I had so much more to add.  No matter where you are in your weight loss journey I hope you make your own 100 list.  I bet it’s easier than you think!


See you next year!  Be awesome in 2013.


3 responses

  1. It has been inspirational watching your journey on Facebook! I love this 100 list, great idea. Looking forward to following your progress in 2013 – thank you for sharing it gives this gal hope to keep going.

  2. This is wonderful :) There are so many things here I can’t wait to be able to do. I should print this and hang it up to remind myself of all the incredible rewards waiting for me if I keep up all the hard work.

  3. Clara, I literally understand 99% of your 100 items! I truly do. As I sit here and read through them, tears come to my eyes!! Life is so much more enjoyable. It’s like this light turned on and I see so much more in this world! I am glad I did this now at 47 and not wait another 24 years! (instead of saying I wish I did this 24 years ago) Thank you for being the voice to so many of my thoughts! I know this new way of life is something you will hold on to! I have no doubt! <3

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