Motivational Monday

Sorry I’ve been MIA readers.

It’s been a rough WW week. Total meltdown and binge-fest ensued. Give me another day to get my head in the right space and I’ll give you more details in the next blog post.

In the mean time… I made this poster.

Both quotes resonate for me and where I am in my WL journey right now.

Maybe it will resonate with you too.


5 responses

  1. I hope all is well! Try not to beat yourself up too much about your binging. Totally normal especially when stressed. It’s what you do after a meltdown that is important! You know you have my support if you need it!

  2. Well sounds like you had a lousy week. Join the club. I’ve only been on program for 6 weeks and i’m already feeling like I want to give up. My hats off to you for doing it for this long. You’re amazing! I know you’ve been doing it online but how about going to an actual meeting? Sneak in and see if you can get some inspiration. Just a thought. Wish you a SUCCESSFUL week.

  3. I binged bady this weekend too. It feels bad when you are so close and then fall off the wagon but don’t despair. Hang with people who want you to succeed, not with those that want to give you an opportunity to fail. And….check in with the turtles. They are starting to revolt and want to send me out to look for you! ♥♥♥♥♥

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