Doggy On A Diet

I’m a bad doggy mom. *hangs head*

You know how when you have kids and they don’t eat all their food so as a parent YOU eat it and gain weight? Well reverse it for my dog. She’s been eating my pepperonis and crust from my pizza. She’s been eating 1/2 of my uneaten burger. She’s been eating the meatballs from my spaghetti. Get the picture? She became the parent eating my leftovers and… got fat.

Yesterday, during her check up vet gave me some TOUGH LOVE about Dorra needing to lose 15-20lbs or risk shortening her life. It was a wake up call for me. I remember that moment when I realized if I didn’t do something about MY weight soon, it would detrimentally affect my lifespan too. So I promised Dorra in the exam room that I would take control of her diet b/c I loved her.

So I created a page on the side menu bar and will be updating HER weight loss journal. —->


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