Playing Catch Up

So sorry Readers.

It’s been a crazy week.

My husband is sick. My nieces have pneumonia. My students are dripping snot. It’s a miracle I’m not sick. *knock on wood*

So here’s my catch up post.

WI #56 = +0.6 lbs. Ugh. I want my free etools already!! I know I’m losing inches but… Even after this long it still sucks to see a gain but it sucks even more when it’s time to update my picture+stats and I weigh more than I did 4 weeks previous. Optimistic muscle gain? *shrugs* You can see my new picture on my sidebar and in my weight loss journey.

VAB Shamrock 8K:
Better late than never right? Basically here’s the gist. I’ve been a part of a Weight Watchers online running support group for more than a year now and some of us crazy girls decided to meet up in real life in Virgina Beach and celebrate all our accomplishments by running together. We’re from all over the USA: California (representing!), North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, DC, Ohio, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. How fun is that?! It was my first non-5K and I came in under my goal of 1 hour. Go me! Special thanks to Elise, of Team Sparkle, for our cutesie green sparkle skirts and argyle leggings.

WARNING: This part is picture heavy!

There were over 9000 people running the VAB Shamrock 8K with us!

Me hamming it up as I ran by with my friend, Nique. Her sister, Shannon, was our official race photographer

My running group. The War Turtles! All these ladies are FREAKING amazing!

Admiring our medals. I think this is when someone realized it could double as a bottle opener. lol

I left Virginia with a renewed sense of determination. How could you not after spending time with all these women marveling at their own weight loss stories. I miss them all. It was a weekend I’ll never forget.

So screw you “gain”. I’m more than a number on the scale.

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” ~Anne of Green Gables


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    • Same here! I’ve read that book so many times, I think my book is falling apart and being held together with rubber bands. Have you seen the movie with Megan Follows? I thought she was an awesome Anne. Thanks for the support! xoxo

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