Sunday Confessions

1. It’s been 7 days since I came back from Virginia Beach and I have not…
– Unpacked
– Done the laundry
– Uploaded pics from my camera
– Posted in my blog about the Shamrock 8K race

2. I’m not sure if I can blame my excessive hunger on my race after 7 days but as of Sunday night, I am 25 points in the red (Yes, that includes all my WPs and APs too!) and my week does not reset until Tuesday. Oy.

3. I haven’t been to a Pilates class all week. Can I blame the rain even though Pilates is not an outdoor activity? No…? Didn’t think so. *hangs head*

4. I’m starting to do the suck-it-in-and-wiggle dance to get into my jeans. Ugh.

5. Lists always need to be in multiples of 5. Is that just me?

I know I’m just eating my emotions right now. I really need to snap out of it.

Thankfully tomorrow is Motivational Mondays on SCR. I feel like my mojo is in a Where’s Waldo book. You’d think in the bright red and white striped sweater, he would be easy to find, but in the middle of all the chaos he starts to blend in.

Where oh where is Clara’s mojo?? I think I left it in Virginia. I miss my friends. :/


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