Sunday Confessions

People say that the last 10 lbs are the hardest. The myths are true. But I don’t necessarily think I can just blame the “pounds”. It’s MY fault too. <– TOUGH LOVE.

Right now I find myself slacking and slipping back into old habits… Case in point.

I haven't tracked my food the whole week. I'm sure I'm in the red.

Among a few things I had: 10 thin mint cookies (evil delicious things!), cupcakes (if I say they were mini does it make it better?), pizza, burgers (it had bacon on it too), bread bowls, wine… I swear food is an addiction.

But my readers as my witness, I am back on "track" as of Tuesday. I know it would be better to start RIGHT NOW but I'm giving myself a mental break. I promise not to go nuts until then though. It's not a free pass or excuse.

Just… a… break…


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