How to recover from a binge

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I saw this image on Pinterest and it really spoke to me.

Hello my name is Clara. And I’ve been on a 48 hour binge of cupcakes, cookies, chips, pretzels, cheez-its, chocolates… I don’t know what happened. I think being disappointed by my weight on the scale this past Tuesday really did a number on my head space. Then Valentine’s Day happened and I went a little cray cray on the sweet and salty. It’s just too easy when you’re surrounded by it.

I know it seems like I have it all figured out but I’m here to say… I DON’T! This is truly a journey. Maybe a never ending journey. I’m not perfect. I’m human. I make mistakes. I binge.

Hopefully writing it down in my blog is the first step to recovery. Now to stop giving my cravings free rent in my head. Oh and drink more water. STAT!


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  1. I often feel like I should have it all figured out by now and then I stumble and slip and slide and realize that I still have lots left to learn about eating normally. It’s not easy, but you can get yourself back on track. Throw out all the tempting junk. Commit to a workout (Zumba anyone?). Look at your before & after pics for inspiration. Pull out your fat clothes and try them on. Remind yourself of how hard you have worked to get where you are now (do I need to say it again? You look FA-BU-LOUS!). All the sweet & salty junk isn’t worth going back to where you were. Right? RIGHT??? Love ya tons.

    • Thanks Jen. I did everything you suggested. All the crap is out of my house. Went to Pilates and running group. Looked at my before/current pictures. I’ve definitely gone too far to stop now. Love ya too! *muah*

  2. Hi my name is Pia and I am a nutella addict (I even have it with bacon, its do die for!) I keep the big costco tub in my house but I can only have it once or twice a week, its hard but I know that the feeling of being healthy tastes so much better than that whole nutella tub!!! Its all about acknowledging the problem and working towards a solution, that is exactly what you are doing!! The old you probably would have kept on binging (I know that is what I used to do) but now you know your healthy options and make steps towards them. You cant do much about yesterday but you can do something about tomorrow. I know you can do it, forget about your binge and keep on trucking forward!! Go for a run =D your pictures are truly an inspiration!!! You look amazing!!!

    • It’s amazing how well you know me. The old me would have kept binging. The new me is just totally disgusted now. Thanks for all your sweet compliments. You have no idea how much they mean to me :)

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