Sunday Confessions

I always tell people that ask me why I chose Weight Watchers instead of something faster (ie gastric surgery) the same thing. The quick fix diets may help you lose weight fast but **I** NEEDED the time.

What do I mean?
Lemme explain.

Yes, losing weight is hard. But no one tells you how emotional it is. It’s not just about the food. You WILL change. Your relationship with people will change too. There will be people in your life that embrace what you are trying to do and others that won’t do well with the changes you’re making.

Trying to figure that all out in a few weeks would have given me a mental breakdown. So yes. I needed the time. To lose weight. To embrace the new me. To cry over friends lost (Oh yes. I’ve lost friends!) and let them go. To enjoy meeting new friends. To build a new relationship with my husband. To figure out the person I want to be instead of what everyone else wants me to be. To be selfish. To love me again.

Now for the confession part.

My husband said he missed me yesterday and it kinda broke my heart. I’m still trying to find that balance with work, activities, friends and family.

So yeah… I need a clone. :/


7 responses

  1. Losing weight is a slow and selfish process but it makes a much better YOU in the process. Keep up the good work. It’s not wrong to focus on yourself. Maybe include your husband in your activities with your friends or say no to some invites to spend more time with him. The fact that he misses you means he loves you and enjoys your company. Much better than an absentee husband who doesn’t appreciate or care about your efforts. He’s a keeper :)

  2. I hope you’re able to find the balance. I’ve slowly learned over these first few weeks of the new year how to finally balance work, home and friends to that place that I feel most comfortable. It took a lot of dedication and persistence from me to say NO when I could and take advantage of the small moments that presented themselves.

    And while I’d love to say you are better off without the friends who couldn’t support you, I can’t. Sometimes they just need the time to realize how important you are to them and they’ll come around (hopefully). And if not, you are still an amazing, supportive person!

  3. Great post and great point. So many people want an instant solution, when (like they say) you didn’t get overweight that quickly! It’s so hard to emotionally deal with it… I cannot imagine how tough that is for the people who have surgery!

    Hope you find some time with your husband this week :)

  4. I’m still struggling with this. I look at you almost every day and think “she did it.” I know I can’t compare myself to anyone else, but I do want to emulate your courage and will power. I need to be a little more “selfish” and tell people no. I don’t really think there are any friendships that won’t survive the journey, but I don’t know. Thank you for sharing this. Definitely an eye opener.

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