I am officially insane!

I am SO sick right now. It’s an occupational hazard of working with germ factories.

Now I can’t breathe out of my left nostril.

I blame lack of oxygen to my brain for this…

Excuse me while I begin freaking out now.


10 responses

  1. Yeahhhhh!!!!!! I’m so excited for you!!!! It’s going to be so awful/awesome LOL!! I have one very important tip: put deoderant between your bootie cheeks on long runs. I’m so serious. If you don’t you will be crying in the shower from the chafing. I wouldn’t lie to you, gotta warn you now. : ) Love your blog(s), so proud of you, so excited for you!!!

    • Omg Cuzo!! WHAT.HAVE.I.DONE!?!! lol Thanks for the bootie deodorant tip. Weird but I totally trust your expertise on the longer distances. Hey! IDEA! I’m thinking me and you, September 2012, Disneyland 1/2 marathon. Make it happen woman! Love you!

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