Life Happens and Weigh-In #48

Even when you’re on a diet, life still happens.

There was dinner with my friend on Tuesday night (bread bowls were involved), dinner with my cousin on Friday night (cheesecake!), my twin nieces’ 2 year old birthday party at the zoo (cupcakes, cookies, chips oh my!) Saturday afternoon, dinner with Husband on Saturday night (sushi!) …

I can’t lock myself in my house, avoid family and friends, turn off the lights and be a hermit to lose weight. That’s not the way I want to live my life. Now I am starting to understand that I will have moments in my life when I gain and the only thing I can do is track it, accept it and move on. Can you say “Christmas?” I totally gained! (If you didn’t gain during Christmas, kudos to you!)

The great thing is every week is a new chance to start fresh; To make the “red” disappear. Those 18 points were probably the 2 slices of cake and handful of cookies I ate. *smacks head* I also did not earn as many APs as I usually do. I pretty much screwed myself at both ends.

But just like I promised, I faced the scale.

WI #48 = +1.4 lbs
Total = -49.2 lbs

It wasn’t pretty but now I know what I’m working with.

Remember. Denial doesn’t mean it does not exist. It just means you aren’t giving yourself the knowledge to change the outcome. Knowledge is power.

Well… moving on. I have my 2 hour Pilates class tonight. I WILL NOT skip it!

Let’s get those cupcakes, cake and cookies lbs off!

PS- Can you believe it’s been another 4 weeks already? I’ll have my new picture up later too. Picture is up now!


5 responses

  1. A gain is not permanent, you’ll get it off before you know it! BTW 2 HOURS for Pilates!?! I thought I was going to die in my hour long yoga class last night!! You go girl!!!

    • You’re right. No gain is permanent unless I let it be. Yes! Usually I do 1 hr Tu/Th Pilates but I need to kick it into high gear so I’m gonna do the 2- 1 hr back-to-back Pilates classes today. I’ll let you know how it goes if I come back alive… lol

  2. But look at all those activity points! I only have that many in my dreams! The beauty of it is, you KNOW the program works and you KNOW you can get back on track! As my WW leader says, “Count it as a vegetable AND MOVE ON.” Have a good week!

    • I usually earn more! But I skipped my Zumba and Circuit Pilates class b/c I had so many things going on this past weekend. Hopefully this weekend will be slower so I can get back to them. LOL re: count it as a vegetable! Your leader sounds awesome :)

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