Sunday Confessions

Ugh. I have a love-hate relationship with this past week. Love celebrating my twin nieces’ 2 year old birthday, seeing my family+friends for dinner and chaperoning my Husband’s school’s winter formal. But I hate that I ate my weight in lasagna, chips, bread, candy, donuts, cookies and SO MUCH CAKE.

Apparently my self control went on vacation and didn’t tell me!

I’m totally in the red. And I’d rather not talk about it any further.

I really don’t want to go WI on Tuesday at my meeting. But I will. It’s not enough to confess on my blog. I need to confess to the scale too.

//end whining


4 responses

  1. Hi!! So I just have to say your blog and journey helps me keep my own focus going. Thank you for sharing with us all that you do!!! I had a similar weekend to yours and I’m terrified for my WI on Tuesday, actually I wasn’t going to buy after reading your post I want to face the scale as well!!!! There’s always next week and we can make it a better one!! I just gotta stay away from cheese, crackers and Italian food no self control there Lol

    • Hi Pia! Nice to “meet” you. I’m really glad that you can relate to my weight loss journey and it gives you inspiration to face the scale. We’ll definitely make next week a BETTER week. I hear ya about Italian food. Mmmm pasta and bread. Two of my trigger foods. My motto: moderation not deprivation.

      Keep me updated on your weight loss journey!

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