Weigh-In #47 and BOTB

Sorry Mom. BOTB does not stand for “babies on the brain”.

I have Bananas On The Brain. And if you know me by now you’d know that I DO NOT like bananas. I’ve had an aversion to bananas ever since I can remember. It’s a texture thing. I don’t mind banana flavored candy though. Yeah. I know I’m weird.

Bananas (and Green Monsters) seems to be the only thing I’ve really changed to my diet this last week. Did it help?

WI#47 = -1.6 lbs
Total = -50.6 lbs

w00t! 50# star!

I have BOTB for 2 reasons:
1. My twin nieces are turning 2 years old at the end of January. We’re celebrating their birthday at the zoo. Guess who’s in charge of making the cupcakes? Me! I’m thinking monkeys and bananas. I hope it turns out as cute as I picture it in my head. Would it be in bad taste to post a picture of cupcakes on a weight loss blog? lol
2. I’m drinking a Green Monster smoothie every morning for breakfast for the last week. 1 banana was a little TOO banana-y for me but 1/2 a banana isn’t too bad. It’s a good thing b/c I know the potassium is good for muscle recovery especially now that I’m getting back into running. And according to Wiki, banana peels treat warts? Who knew!

Maybe one of these days I’ll get to the point that I can just peel a banana and eat it instead of hiding it in the middle of spinach and almond milk.

Hey! It could happen. lol


16 responses

  1. I eat a banana every day M-F and usually one on the weekend! I only eat them once they’ve turned a little brown though because otherwise they leave a gross aftertaste and film on my teeth. Ew. Keep eating them. You’ll start to like them – and they’re 0 PP and filling!

  2. I love bananas but I understand your aversion, sometimes if they aren’t just right I can’t eat them. Awesome WI!! Clara is a rockstar!!

  3. Hahahah , you hide bananas in spinach. I would happily hide spinach in my bananas, but it doesn’t work that way for me. maybe i need to haul out the blender and make me a Green Monster!!!

  4. Congrats on the 50 lb star!!! That’s awesome! I love bananas. I eat half on the way to the gym, the other half on the way home and usually throw a whole one in any smoothie I make. :)

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