Weigh-In #46 and Meetings

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I started going to Weight Watcher meetings at the beginning of January. Apparently I wasn’t the only one that decided to “lose weight” as their New Year’s resolution. My leader said her meetings went from 10 to 30 people overnight!

Today was my 3rd weigh-in with my favorite receptionist Linda. Not to take away from the other receptionist. She’s cool too. I just like Linda’s scale more. lol. Her scale only weighs me 0.6 lbs heavier than my home scale. I assume it’s my clothes since I usually weigh myself in my birthday suit at home. But for the sake of continuity, I still use my home weigh-in for my blog.

WI#46 = -1.0 lbs
Total = -49.0 lbs

At first when I realized that I’d have to go to Meetings to take advantage of the free Lifetime Etools I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Meetings since I’ve had success with Online. Here’s my thoughts: It’s different. It’s not good or bad. Just different. I really like my Leader Cathy. She’s very inspiring. I like the Weekly handouts that Meeting members get. I like seeing familiar faces and being inspired by their weekly stories, tips, struggles and successes. I can see how the accountability of weighing in with another person is valuable too. (Linda always gives me a high five for a loss/maintain or a hug for a gain.)

But if you asked me what I preferred, it’s not really about Meetings or Online for me. I think Etools is the most valuable weapon for my weight loss regardless of the method.

However I will admit I am a sucker for the stickers. Hoping to get my 50# next week!

Have a happy OP week readers!


3 responses

  1. I know a little bit about WW, but have never tried it. I bet I would find the meetings really helpful!

    WTG on the -1.0 lb. And lol – I weigh in at home in my bday suit too. First thing in the am, after going to the bathroom (just #1… tmi?) and before eating/drinking anything.

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