Sunday Confessions

Actually I’ve been doing pretty well since the holiday sugar gorgefest is over, I went back to work and I’m on my normal routine again. *patting self on the back* I’m hopeful that my Tuesday Weigh-In will reflect all my hard work. *fingers crossed*

But I will confess that I ordered some girl scout cookies from a cute little brownie yesterday. I told myself that this season I would stay away but… What can I say?? I’m a sucker for cute little girls in brown sashes and cookies. This will be the true test of my will power. I won’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten a whole box of Samoas in one sitting.

Let’s do a little math.
1 Samoa cookie = 2 PP+.
There are 15 cookies in a box… Yikes!

I swear there’s crack in them.

Happy Sunday readers. GOOOOOO PACKERS!


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