Yes, I can eat that!

I classify people in my life into two groups: SUPPORT or FOOD POLICE.

Support can be in the form of compliments or understanding.

Food police ask me the same question ALL.THE.FREAKING.TIME and quite frankly, after 10 months, I’m kinda over it.

“Are you sure you can eat that?”
“Are you sure you can eat that?”
“Are you sure you can eat that?”


The wonderful thing about Weight Watchers is that nothing is really off limits. But as I have continued on my journey, I’ve realized that some foods are worth the points while others are not. It’s all about making better choices. Not depriving!

Friday is “Date Night” with my husband. It doesn’t mean I need a 4 star restaurant. It just means I don’t cook and we spend time together. Tonight we decided on Chinese and a Netflix movie at home. (Can you believe I’ve never seen any Mission Impossible movies? Neither can my Husband. So before we go see MI4, Husband says I HAVE to see 1, 2 and 3 first. lol)

So to prove my point I thought I’d share my dinner.

Ten months ago I would eaten 1/2 fried rice, 1/2 chow mein, orange chicken and honey walnut shrimp. All that is 35 points!! YIKES! (Remember I only get 29DPs per day.) Now I’ve changed my choices to 1/2 steamed rice, 1/2 steam vegetables, mushroom chicken and beef with broccoli. All that is 14 points. And I rarely finish all the rice either so it’s probably even lower. Maybe closer to 10 points. Crazy what a few changes can make right?

My golden rule for take-out food: If it’s shiny, breaded, fried or all of the above, it’s probably high in calories/points! Use moderation. But if you’re like me and there’s no way you could only eat 1 piece of orange chicken, then AVOID AVOID AVOID! Instead, try something new that glistens less. HA!

Happy Friday (The 13th) readers!


5 responses

  1. Hi! New commenter! I think Kim linked to your blog and that is how I found you?

    Anyway – yes, food police! I am not on WW but am vegan and everyone is always surprised when I eat something unhealthy. Give me a break!

    It will be interesting to hear what you think of MI4 compared to the first 3. I thought 4 was much less… hmm, of a mystery. Let us know what you think!

    • Hi there! Any friend of Kim’s is a friend of mine :) I think we plan to go see MI4 this weekend so I’ll definitely put up a review. My husband has already seen it and he said the same thing as you. Less mystery more action.

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