Weigh In #45 and Reflections

I hate thinking I “wasted” a week when it comes to my weigh-ins.

But it’s really not a wasted week. Even if I gain, I’m learning something about myself. You know what I’ve learned after these last 2 weeks of gaining?

1. Holidays are the death of diets.
2. I need to figure out a way to tell my family and friends that although I love the sentiment of cookies, chocolate, cupcakes, muffins, candy canes etc, I’d prefer a Christmas card instead. At least the Xmas card doesn’t go straight to my hips!

WI#45 = -1.2 lbs
Total = -48.0 lbs

I’m slowly getting over my holiday binge-fest and getting back on the wagon. I’d say I’m probably not completely on the wagon yet. I’m still holding on for dear life with my feet trailing in the dirt. But at least I can say with confidence that I’ll hoist myself up sooner rather than later.

That makes all the difference.


9 responses

  1. You are so close and heading in the right directions! Congrats on your loss, you look seriously amazing! I had to join a new gym and try different classes to demotivate myself.

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