Sunday Confessions

Ugh. Where do I start?

There are 10 stages of dieting for me. Maybe they will sound familiar to you too.

1. DenialI’m not fat. The camera adds 10 lbs. The scale is broken.
2. DepressionI’m so fat. I hate myself.
3. ActionI need to lose weight! I’m joining WW today!
4. On PlanI’m so motivated! Tracking is a must.
5. SuccessI went from a size 18 to a size 6 in 8 months!
6. Self SabotageIt’s the holidays. It’s a special occasion. One (or 2 or 3) glass(es) of wine can’t hurt! I’m so close to goal that it’s ok to eat some [insert sweets here].
7. RecognitionMe to scale: What do you mean I gained 4 lbs in 2 weeks??
8. Back On The WagonBinging needs to stop. NOW!
9. Gooooooooal & MaintenanceI did it! I feel amazing.
10. Lifestyle changeIt’s not a diet. It’s for life.

I feel like I’ve been flip flopping between #6 and #7 for the last 2 weeks. The holidays hit me hard! I can’t seem to get back in the game. I don’t know what to do to keep from the constant snacking. (My latest obsession is yogurt covered pretzels. Bad! *smacks hand*)

I can feel the pounds creeping back up. And it’s breaking my heart.

Question: How do I get to #8?

Staying at #6 is not an option!

PS- I made my Husband throw the last of the yogurt covered pretzels in the trash. I can always count on him to do my dirty work. He’s a good man. ♥


12 responses

    • Hello Carol. Glad to see I’m not alone. Great idea about trying on clothes (and earning some APs). I think I will go shopping in my closet and do the same :)

  1. Sorry you are struggling right now Clara. I know the feeling. I was back on the wagon but seemed to have fallen off again yesterday. Trying to climb back on right now but feel awful today and it’s making it kind of difficult.

    • Thank you Lisa. I’ve been the same way. I’ll start off the morning with the right attitude, a good breakfast and a plan. But for some reason as the day goes by I reach for all the wrong things. *smacks head*

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I got caught up in the whirlwind for sure! The last few days I’ve done really good and I feel great! Imagine that. You’ve done an amazing job so far. Don’t let this bump in the road deter you from sticking it out. You got this..and we have a new challenge to keep us motivated! :)

    • Great job Kim! I have total respect for your turn around right now. It’s harder than people think! This bump makes me worry about maintenance. Thanks for your support ♥

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I have been doing WW for almost 3 years now. I was very motivated at first and then through various things was off and on for awhile. Last holiday season hit me hard and I fell off for months. It took me a long time (and too many pounds) to get from the being upset but not motivated to feeling like I could get back on track. This year was a different story. I worked really hard to stay on track in the weeks leading up to the holidays and then I let myself enjoy the week of Christmas/New Year…I gained during the holidays but I ended up exactly where I started at the beginning of December. For me it was easier to get on track this year after seeing what happened when I fell off last year. It has been very fun and inspirational to read your blog- it has helped me remember what that first year was like for me and has made me really want to get back there. You have come so far, don’t let what happened to me last year happen to you. The thing that always helps me is even when you do gain, it can come off again. It isn’t stuck there forever! Keep up the good work!

    • Kudos to you for staying OP during the holidays. I am realizing now how hard that really is. You deserve much praise! Thanks for sharing your story with me.

  4. Whenever I start to binge I get super depressed and eat more. I can literally eat 5000 calories a day! But I tell myself it’s just one day and I reinvigorate myself by doing some type of excersize because when I excersize for some reason I don’t have the urge to eat bad foods. Try devoting a day doing some different and fun activities like indoor rock climbing, skating or go with your hubby to the local pool and play a game of water basketball. Just make it a day of activity and I am sure you’ll be back on the wagon and feeling great.

    • Great advice Tori! I really need to get back into my running. I also just joined a Pilates Studio near my house. I’m hoping by changing up my exercise so it’s less cardio and more strength training, it will give my weight loss a boost.

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