Confessions and Resolutions

Oy. I have much to confess after Christmas and New Years.

As of this morning I am up 5lbs! Now I know rationally that I didn’t eat THAT many calories to gain 5lbs of fat so there’s some water retention from sore muscles + salty foods and probably undigested food in there somewhere (also the over indulgence in booze didn’t help either!). Hopefully I’ll lose those pounds quickly but it’s a little (ok. ALOT!) disconcerting nonetheless. Boo! Also this will be my second week in the red zone. It’s crazy how much the points add up when you drink and eat out. Also I’m sure it didn’t help that I tracked my points AFTER I ate. When I plan out meals BEFORE I eat, I’m better at not over indulging.

Thank goodness the holidays are FINALLY over so I can get back on the Weight Watcher wagon ASAP!

1. Spend more time with family and friends
Before I lost weight, I was pretty much a hermit. I told myself I was a “home body” but if I’m being honest, I wasn’t happy with the way I looked or other people looking at me and judging me. But that might have been my own insecure perception. My husband was my security blanket so I only went out with him. I rarely went out by myself. Because of that insecurity I’ve lost communication with so many people I love and care about. Time to get connected again.

2. Tell my husband I love and appreciate him everyday
He is my #1 fan and I could never have stay committed to Weight Watchers and my weight loss goals without him. Supporting your spouse in their weight loss goals is one of the most unselfish and caring things to do for each other in my opinion.

3. Write more Thank You cards
The art of writing a letter is almost lost now that the internet and email make it faster and easier. I want to bring it back! I still love the excitement of getting a letter (unless it’s bill!) in the mail.

4. Get back on the WW wagon and reach goal
I’m so close I can taste it. No time to get complacent. It’s like waiting in a long line at the post office. There comes a certain point that you’ve invested so much time that you HAVE TO stick it out until the end. That’s where I am in my weight loss journey. I can’t quit now. I will also start attending meetings so that I can earn FREE lifetime etools WHEN I reach goal. It’s too bad they don’t have that option available for Online Members.

5A. Eat more fruits and vegetables
I’m in a fruit and vegetable rut. It’s time to get out of the strawberries, clementines, broccoli and asparagus comfort zone. Anyone have a fruit or vegetable to recommend?

5B. Try a green monster smoothie
One of my skinny minnie friend swears by them. She has one for breakfast every morning. Basically it’s a smoothie made of fruits and vegetables. See recipes (here).

6. Exercise at least 3x a week
I will never be one of those people that LOVES to exercise but I never regret it when I’m done. My body has made it very clear that it won’t lose weight unless I exercise. My favorite activities right now are Pilates, Zumba and running. I’m all about the group classes.

7. Clean out my closet!
My closet is due for some spring cleaning. Probably 75% of my closet has an “X” in the size and doesn’t fit. It’s time to donate to Goodwill, get out of the “I’ll keep it just in case I gain weight” mentality and make room for some new (smaller) duds!

8. Read more books
I’m an internet addict but I use to love to read. I need to make time for me and books again. And not on a Kindle or Nook. A real book with thin crisp pages to turn and make dog earred.

9. Learn to knit
My BFF made me a gorgeous knitted cowl for Christmas. I want to return the favor next Christmas.

10. Keep blogging
I really believe that blogging is holding me accountable to my weight loss goals. I love looking back on my weight loss journal pictures and seeing how far I’ve come. But it’s one thing to tell someone how to lose weight. It’s another thing to live by example. I want to live by example, continue to document my journey and hopefully inspire some people along the way. If I can do it, you have no excuses!

Happy New Years readers! Let’s make 2012 a great one. No regrets! xoxo, CB


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