Sunday Confessions


CONFESSION: I have not tracked my WW points for 3 days…

If I had to guess I’m sure I’m already in the red. Oops! I blame the prime rib (Husband’s uncle is a butcher so it was FRIGGIN amazing), honey ham, Hawaiian sweet bread, corn casserole, broccoli salad, chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, cookies (OMG! so many cookies!), pink fluff, sweet potato casserole and wine.

But I’m not beating myself up over it. I asked some of my skinny friends for advice on holiday (over)eating and here’s my favorite one.

“Oh I DO gain during the holidays. I’m human. I like cookies. But one Christmas dinner won’t make you fat. It’s using the holidays as an excuse to eat like it’s Christmas everyday that will.” ~G.C.

She’s exactly right! I will not throw away all my hard work for an extra [insert high calorie dessert here]. So with that advice, I’m back on the wagon come Monday. No excuses.

PS- I made a Facebook page for my blog! Hope you “like” it.


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