Reindeer Run 5K

Merry Christmas Eve to all my dear readers!

Today was my 7th 5K race.

Yes, it’s Christmas Eve and I STILL have a crazy amount of baking and wrapping to do but what better way to relieve stress and burn some Christmas cookie calories than sign up for a 5K right? That’s exactly what I did!

It was located along the beautiful Long Beach shore. I’m definitely a California beach girl. Whenever I’m there I always take deep breaths and fill my lungs with the fresh ocean air. I wish there was a candle that could capture that scent.

Usually I take my runs very seriously b/c I’m always aiming to beat my last 5K time. My uniform is my hot pink Fila running shirt (so it’s easy for Husband to see me in the crowd), running capris, iPhone, Brooks running shoes and visor. I think the right gear is necessary to run your best but this time I decided to celebrate the holiday season in my own little way. So I changed up the wardrobe a smidge. *wink*

My husband thought it was silly but when we got to the race I wasn’t the only one in in the Christmas spirit. There were people in Santa hats, reindeer ears, Rudolph noses, etc. I saw a group of girls that really got in the spirit like me and we all took a picture!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this race b/c to be honest, I haven’t really been training. I’m still going to Zumba so I think that has helped keep my endurance up. But imagine my SHOCK when I cross the finish line at 31:06!! I shaved 4 minutes off my last run and I’m 1:07 from my personal goal of running a 5K in under 30 mins. Just think, last Christmas I could barely walk to the park 1/2 a mile away without being out of breath… What an amazing Christmas gift!!

Reindeer Run 5K 31:06

Shout out to my friend, Elise, of Team Sparkle for my red skirt. Check out her website if you are interested in your own sparkle skirt. I’ll be wearing a green one for my Shamrock Run in March!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and keep running towards your dreams!

Distance: 3.19
Run Pace: 10:02/mile
Walk pace: N/A


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