All I Want For Xmas and Weigh-In #42

All I want for CHRISTMAS is my 50lb star.

WI #42 = -0.8
Total = 49.0 lbs

I’m SO close.

Heck I’ll even settle for Jan 2012. I’d love to start off the new year an even 50lbs lighter. That’s how much my 23 month old twin nieces weigh! I’ve been carrying around twins and didn’t even realize it!

Speaking of New Year’s… I was all set to write this post and show my readers some past New Year’s pictures but guess what? I can’t find any!

I got pretty good about hiding from the camera or being the designated “picture taker” over the years. It actually makes me quite sad now. I realize that I’ve missed out on making memories. Well… I won’t let that happen this year! This year we’re going to VEGAS BABY VEGAS for New Year’s so I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. If there’s not too much debauchery in them, I’ll post. HA!

Hope you have a holly jolly Tuesday!


10 responses

    • I totally thought about you when I wrote this post – the part about carrying twins. You are crazy girl for wanting twins!! lol. I love my nieces but OH EM GEE they are a handful.

      • I already admitted to being crazy. I think it is just a lingering childhood wish that for some reason despite my better sense I still hold onto. Honestly I’ll be happy with whoever we happen to have. But I really, really want a little girl next and I do still kinda wish that I could have twin girls.

    • Thank you Jessica! Did you do WW when you lost 46#? That’s so freaking awesome. My husband and I talk about having kids but I’m much more selfish with my body now that I’ve lost weight. How easy was it to lose the baby weight?

      • I actually used eDiets… also an online weight loss program. It worked pretty well and had similar support boards as WW. After my first son I started losing weight when he was 2… I started in May and was almost to my goal by Christmas of that year. I’ve never lost more than 1-1/2# per week. My main problems in the last pregnancy was that I had morning sickness during the beginning and the only way to settle my stomach was to eat and then for the last 2-1/2 months I was on bed rest. So son#2 is almost 4 and I’ve lost my mojo… still looking for it.

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