Sunday Confessions

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’m starting a new topic on my blog called Sunday Confessions during the holidays. There’s so much to confess this time of year.

1. I ate horrible yesterday. I didn’t even bother tracking everything I ate. I just put 50 points and called it a day. Who knows if that’s even accurate. Heck it was probably more!
2. I’m laying in bed (I love my laptop!) trying to convince myself why I don’t have to go to Boot Camp b/c I wanna stay in bed.
3. My dining table looks like Christmas threw up on it. I haven’t seen the top of my table in weeks. There’s Christmas cards to address, gifts to wrap, random ribbons and bows and scraps of wrapping paper everywhere. But all I wanna do is bake! See #4.
4. I’m obsessed with baking cookies right now which wouldn’t be terrible if I wasn’t eating ALL of them too! *smacks hand*
5. I’d rather not talk about the chocolate right now. Or the wine either.

Who wants to give me a swift kick in the arse??

Dear Santa, Define “good”. Love, Clara age 32

(UPDATED 12:16PM: After I finished writing my post, the guilt made me go to Boot Camp. I guess self imposed guilt trips ARE good in the right situations. lol)


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