Weigh-in #40 and More Confessions

WI #40 = 0 lbs
Total = -48.2 lbs

Well I’m not surprised but I am a little bummed.

It’s not the weigh-in I’m bummed about. A maintain is better than a gain! But today is my 9th month on Weight Watchers (Well actually it was December 1st…) and week 40 so I will add a new picture to my weight loss journey when I get home from work I added a new picture to my weight loss journal but when I looked back 4 weeks ago that means I’ve lost 1.6lbs in 4 weeks. My usual is 5-6lbs. My goal was to get to normal BMI by January 2012 and start the new year off healthy but I’m not sure I’ll make it now. *whine whine whine*

I blame Thanksgiving and vacation. Blah. And since I’m still sore from Boot Camp on Sunday my muscles are probably retaining a little water too. But to be TOTALLY honest, the negative 12 points in the red doesn’t help either. That means I ate all my Daily Points (DPs), all my Activity Points (APs) and all my Weekly Points (WPs) and 12 extra points. Oops! Darn delicious apple pie. *shaking fist*

This past week, Weight Watchers has rolled out a few tweaks to their Points Plus plan. Since so many people were complaining that they were not losing at 29DPs, Weight Watchers is allowing you to reduce your points as low as 26DPs now. The change didn’t really affect me b/c I felt like I was losing fine at 29DPs. I mean. Come on! Those 3 extra points are worth an ice cream bar!

But after today’s weigh-in, I think I’ve decided to give 26DPs a go this week. We’ll see if that gives my metabolism a swift kick in the arse!

Good bye evening ice cream bar… It’s not you. It’s me.


3 responses

  1. Just a quick note to let you know that I love reading your blog and following you in your journey. I really appreciate your recipes and tips. I’d love it if you would think about posting a list of your favorite breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. You’ve been such an inspiraration! Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Debbie! So nice to “meet” you. What a great idea! I admit I do eat my fair share of frozen meals for lunch b/c it’s just so convenient! *smacks hand*. But if it’s helpful for you I will work on that post asap.

  2. I had lost your blog but I have found it again. I did joing WW and am going to the weighs in for now till I get a grasp on it all and then I will look at the online site (I can get a free trial now as I have attended enough meetings/weigh ins) I would love to see some of your meal plans as well. You look fabulous in your last photo that you took !!

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