Sunday Confessions.

This is what I was thinking this morning.

“Boot camp starts at 8am. It’s currently 730am and I’m still in bed. I haven’t Zumba or run all week. The only activity that I’ve had is walking the dog and Plank-A-Day. Oh mojo, where art thou?”

Even though WW recommends weighing once a week, I’m a daily weigh-er. I can’t help it. I hate surprises so weighing everyday keeps me sane for the REAL weigh-in day. So I did a little scale hop this morning and I’m up 0.8lbs. And tomorrow is weigh-in day. DOH! Do you think the 2 are related? *palm meet forehead*

When all else fails (motivation, energy enthusiasm) then it’s time for DETERMINATION to kick in. So there I lay in bed giving myself a guilt trip pep talk for the next 10 minutes. Finally I defiantly kicked off the covers, changed into my work out clothes and ran out the door. Better late than never right?

It was SO hard. We did jumping jacks, agility course, stairs, pushups, pull ups, sit ups, ab/core workout, stairs (did I mention that already?), lunges, calf raises, tricep dips, planks, 2 mile run and other stuff that I can’t remember. It just goes to show that even though you might be thin it doesn’t mean you are in great shape. Some of the people at my bootcamp weighed more than me but they kicked my butt at everything.

One thing I have to remind myself is that even though I don’t like working out; I never regret it when I’m done.

And burning 800 cals isn’t too shabby either.

Happy Sunday readers. Are you ready for some football??


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