♪♫ O Fitness Tree! O Fitness Tree! ♪♫

One of my fellow Weight Watcher friends, Katy, is organizing a December 30 Min Fitness Challenge via the Weight Watcher’s discussion board and my other friend Susanne, wrote about a great idea that I knew I had to combine and steal.

Click image to enlarge

You know those Christmas advent calendars that you can find all over the internet? Well I found one for free, printed it out and labeled it: O Fitness Tree. It’s a little play off the popular Christmas carol, Oh Christmas Tree. Get it?? I’m so clever.

My goal is to do AT LEAST 30 minutes of activity EVERYDAY in December. It can be as simple as walking the dog. Just something to get me off my butt during a month where delicious food runs rampage (Can you say Starbucks cranberry bliss bar??) and my chances of a gain are higher than usual. Everyday that I accomplish my goal, I’ll add another sticker to my calendar.

I’m kind of a sucker for stickers.

I bet you can guess who use to be a teacher’s pet back in the day huh?

Let the Fitness tree decorating begin… uh… tomorrow. lol


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