Scale Sticker Shock & Weigh-In #38

Coming off last week’s gain I wasn’t sure what to expect this week.

1. Maybe I’d only lose a little of what I had gained by weigh-in day?
2. Maybe I’d lose all that I had gained and come out even by weigh-in day?
3. Maybe I just kept gaining by weigh-in day?

All these scenarios danced in my head (trust me it’s not as fun as sugarplums!) as I got out of bed this morning and headed towards the downstairs bathroom where I keep my scale.

It didn’t even occur to me that there was a 4th option.

4. Maybe I’ll lose all that I gained last week and more?? Maybe… maybe… maybe…?

I stepped on the scale and closed my eyes until I heard the ritualistlic **beep beep beep** from the scale letting me know it had settled on a number.

WI#38 = -2.6 lbs
Total = -48.0 lbs

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m about 6 lbs from a normal BMI now. I can’t wait to say I’m not overweight anymore. This is pretty darn exciting!

To celebrate I went shopping. And took a stereotypical “girl in the dressing room” picture too. That’s me in SIZE 6 jeans. ME?!?

*pinching myself*

Happy Tuesday Losers. :) :) :)


2 responses

    • Thank you Tori! Yup. According to BMI calculator I’m still in the overweight category but I’m hoping to get into normal by Jan 2012! But just like the scale, BMI is only 1 tool so I try not to put much stock in 1 tool. I definitely know I feel great regardless!

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