The Day After…

My Brooks running shoes and turtle charm

There are a few different reactions that I could have taken after my gain yesterday. I could have raided the pantry and ate my weight in chips. Does that sound familiar? I’ve done this MANY times. Or head in the opposite direction and out the door.

That’s what I did.

C25K W5D2 (take 2) ✔

So I ran. I ran and tried to push all the negative thoughts out of my head that night. I won’t say it was easy. And I won’t even say that all the negative thoughts are gone… yet. But it was a step (literally) in the right direction.

Distance: 2.14 miles
Run pace: 12:46/mile
Walk pace: 18:54/mile

And tonight I went to my 1 hour Zumba class. I burned 557 cals according to my heart rate monitor. Before I felt like a prisoner in my body and Zumba is slowly breaking me out of my self-conscious shell. It incorporates some very sensual dance moves along with great cardio exercise. I love it. More than I thought I would.

Hear that scale!?!?! You don’t define me!


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