Time To Face The Music & Weigh-in #37

Even though I knew it was inevitable, it doesn’t make it any easier to see.

WI #37 = +1.2 lbs


Why the half-hearted “w00t”?

Well remember I told you about my mini vacation to San Diego? I had a good time. A VERY good time. So good that when I came home on Saturday and stepped on the scale, I literally screamed when I saw +6 lbs!! WHAAAAATT? Now I’m a resourceful person. I googled it. 3500 cals = 1 lb of fat. So you’re telling me that I ate 21,000 calories in 2 days? I admit I could have used better portion control but I’m pretty sure that not even famed hot dog competitive eater, Takeru Kobayashi, is eating that many calories.

It’s time like these that I have to take a step back. And remind myself that weight gain isn’t just about fat. There’s water retention, undigested food, TOM, drinking alcohol and many more reasons. Also read this great article: Why The Scale Lies.

So my half-hearted w00t is that I’m glad my body adjusted and +1.2lbs is probably a more accurate gain from my over indulgent weekend. In the past, I would consider a gain week, a wasted week. Even though it was a gain, it’s NOT a wasted week b/c I’ve learned something about myself. I am still prone to old habits. I’m not “cured” just b/c I’ve already lost weight. This will be a lifelong journey.

What defines my journey will be what I do next.


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