C25K W5D1 (take 2)

My Brooks running shoes and turtle charm

C25K W15D1 (take 2) ✔

I had no plans to run today.

But this morning I opened up my blog and saw the Motivational Monday poster and it struck a cord with me. I thought about the words all day. They were powerful.

Then I came home, hugged my dog, changed into my running gear, tied up my running shoes, turned on my Nike+ app and faced the open road. The wind seemed to push me forward. It wasn’t easy. I know my endurance isn’t what it use to be. But I kept going.

Even though I wish I didn’t have to repeat C25K again, I realize now it’s ok. There’s no shame in admitting I’m not the runner I use to be. There’s no shame in repeating. My time and distance aren’t my best, but it sure felt good to get back out there.

Readers, I think my mojo is backkkkkkkk!

Distance: 2.26 miles
Run pace: 12:08/mile
Walk pace: 19:05/mile


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