Skinny Jeans & Weigh-In #35

Today is officially my 8 month-aversary with Weight Watchers. Can you believe it’s been another week? Time is just flying by. I blinked and now it’s November.

It reminds me of a sign my husband has in his classroom above his clock.

“Time will pass. Will you?”

His students say that they hate seeing it every time they look at the clock. The words ring true though.

But I’ve modified it for myself.

“Time will pass. Will you still be fat?”

It reminds me that time passes no matter what you do so you have to make the most of the time spent. If I made excuses for myself every week about “tracking next week” or “eating healthy next week”, it will never happen. I don’t know about you. But I’m tired of being fat!! The time to start is … NOW! You are worth the effort.

WI #35 = -2.2lbs!
Total = -45.6 lbs! –> I’ve lost an elephant’s heart!

(Yikes! Can you imagine if an elephant was heartbroken?)

And guess what?

I’m rocking single digit skinny jeans!

Happy Tuesday fellow losers.


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