I’m lost.

I’ve been lost for the last few weeks.

I want to blame being sick on my lack of running but that’s not really the truth.

I was gonna run on Tuesday. Didn’t. I was gonna run today. Didn’t.

The truth is… I don’t wanna. *stomp stomp*

My last 5K was disappointing. My last run before my 5K was frustrating. I can honestly say that I don’t like to run… right now. But I use to. So what happened? I think my friend, Kim, said it best. “Sometimes the daily runs seem anti-climatic after a race.” YES! That’s exactly it. Anti-climatic.

When I started Couch to 5K, it was something new and exciting. Something I NEVER thought I could do. I finished the program without ever missing a chance to run. I ran religiously 3 days a week. After I graduated and ran a few 5Ks, the excitement faded. And now running just to run isn’t as fun. Especially since I’m disappointed in how fast my endurance has slowed down. I hate feeling like I ran 2 steps forward only to walk 10 steps back.

I’ve been carrying around the guilt on my shoulders for the last 5 weeks. I mean! My blog has “run” in the title. I belong to a running support group. Would they still wanna be my friend if I stop running?

It wasn’t until my friend, Susanne, sent me (this) blog link that I realized. It happens to the best of runners! It’s not just me!

Maybe I’ll never run again.

Maybe I’ll change my blog to “See Cupcake Zumba”. <– I can’t take credit for that one. All props to my friend Kelli.

But my runner friends tell me, once a runner, always a runner. *shrugs*

For now I won’t force it. I’ll Zumba or Pilates or walk my dog while I wait for my mojo to come back.

All the sudden I feel free.


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  1. I don’t think you walked 10 steps back – you discovered something about yourself and you found the feeling of freedom! We are all running either ‘from’ something or ‘to’ something – and you crossed your finish line for now. You inspired me from the beginning and you still do today – not because you are a runner, but because you are Clara – my friend. TFF!!

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