My No Good Very Bad Weigh-In #33

Ok that might be a TAD melodramatic.

It’s not like I gained 10lbs overnight. Ironically I just finished telling some fellow WW friends that the scale fluctuations don’t bother me as much as they use to when I started WW 7 months ago. But I realized this morning… IT STILL DOES!

I was so excited to get on the scale too. Because I finally feel better from my URI (not to be confused with UTI) and started back on my work out routine, tracking points diligently again, getting in my GHGs etc.

So I was SURE that I’d see a loss. Just goes to show you that weight loss is NEVER a sure thing. There are so many different factors that have nothing to do with “fat gain” that will change the number on the scale: water weight, water retention from sore muscles, food in your belly, TOM, BMs (or lack thereof) etc.

So I didn’t try to cheat it or make excuses. I owned my weigh in.

WI #33 = +0.6 lbs.

But I don’t have to like it. *stomp stomp*

At least my measurements are still going down. Take that scale!! *shaking fists*

WW = Weight Watchers, TOM = time of the month, BM= bowel movement, GHG = good health guidelines


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