My WI this week was sick (and not in the good slang way)

I apologize. I know I haven’t been updating about running or recipes lately. My poor Husband has been subjected to take out Chinese for dinner. But I’ve been hit by the never ending cold and the cough that JUST won’t go away! It’s going on 2 weeks now. Technically my doctor has diagnosed me with Upper Respiratory Infection. More than anything it has zapped me of ALL my energy.

Last week I think I shocked my body by eating under my DPs and lost 2.8 lbs. But this week, the body got smart. Even though I don’t believe in a Starvation Mode per se, I do believe that my body became more efficient with the food (or lack thereof) that I’ve been eating and I didn’t lose as big as last week. Actually…

WI #32 = 0.0 –> My first maintain

When I saw the “0” on the scale I was really surprised. Even more surprised than if it had been a gain! I’ve never seen “0” before. I use to scoff at people that would automatically think they were on a plateau. A plateau is 4-6 weeks of no movement on the scale (gain or loss) but I admit it. My first thought was “Is this a start of a plateau??”

Ultimately I need to remind myself that I’ve made some drastic changes these last 2 weeks that probably contributed to my maintain. The biggest difference was my APs. I usually earn about 45 APs per week. Last week I earned 4 APs. Yikes! I didn’t run or Zumba all week. I think I earned 4 APs for walking my dog. Obviously my body NEEDS exercise to lose weight. Just eating under my daily points isn’t enough. But if I’m being truly honest, my tracking hasn’t been that accurate either. If Ricola and Nyquil have points then I’m totally screwed.

Right now my focus has shifted from WW, points, exercise, GHGs, tracking TO keeping the Kleenex well stocked, getting rest, staying hydrated and getting well. I hope to have Week 32 picture up soon. Maybe this weekend? I’m just waiting until I don’t look like a walking Zombie with conjunctivitis. Because no one want needs to see that. Trust me. It’s not pretty! It’s up in my Weight Loss Journal now!

* WW=Weight Watchers GHG=Good Health Guidelines DPs=daily points APs=activity points


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