Weigh-in With The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

Today I decided to switch things up.

I went to a Weight Watcher Meeting for my weigh-in.
Wait? Say what? I thought you were an online member?
Well yes I am. Here lemme give you the skinny (no pun intended! lol)

Did anyone catch the Dr. Oz show yesterday? Basically he’s giving $1M to 1 winner of his Transformation Nation campaign. You can read FAQs and see a short video (here).

Now remember. I was home sick yesterday. I had nothing better to do than watch day time talk shows. I knew Dr. Oz was talking about his new partnership with Weight Watchers b/c it’s ALL over the Weight Watchers discussion boards. But I wasn’t really interested. *I* never win these contests. Usually I win the contests for Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons. Not a great prize for a FAT girl. But I digress. So I don’t know why I felt like this time was different. Maybe it’s the nyquil? But the more I started thinking about it. The more I said “Why not?” I’m already trying to lose weight. I might as well try to win $1M at the same time right? Bi-winning! But it’s ok if I don’t win. In the end, I’ll have my health regardless.

So that’s how I ended up at a Weight Watcher meeting for Weigh-in #30. Obviously, if Dr. Oz is giving away $1M he’s not gonna trust ME to weigh myself at home. *looking innocent* Well. Guess what? Now I know my local Weight Watcher meeting’s scale is off by 0.6lbs from my home scale. Then again it could be b/c I couldn’t weigh in wearing my birthday suit at the meeting. HA!

For the same of consistency I’ll continue to use my home scale for my WL journal. I guess Dr. Oz gets me at 0.6lbs heavier. Meh! What can you do? Now that I think about it. Did I poop this morning? LOL


WI#30= -1.8 lbs
Total= – 38.8 lbs!

Looks like being sick has weight loss perks! JUST KIDDING. I would not recommend going on the Nyquil diet. Even though I lost weight, I feel weak since I’ve been eating below my Daily Points every day for the last few days and my body is craving some activity. Definitely not healthy. I am feeling on the mend though so I’m hoping to make it to my first Pilates class this Thursday, get back into running, Zumba and walking the dog. Hmmm… I wonder if I’ll have a rebound for next week’s WI?

Guess you’ll have to check back next week and see.


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