Too sick …

I haven’t run, Zumba, walked the dog or cooked a meal in almost a week.

Darn. I had so many yummy things planned on my menu too.

But I’ve been SO sick.

Coughing. (Hack hack hack)
Sneezing. (Achooooooo!)
Sore throat. (I hope it’s not strep!)

It only took my students 12 days to get me sick. That’s gotta be a new record. Hurray for Room 16! Boo for me.

Needless to say. Tracking has been non-existent. I assume Nyquil and Ricola are zero points right? And I just realized that I only earned 8APs this week. I usually earn 45-60APs.

Weigh-in tomorrow will be interesting.

Stay tuned.

APs= Activity Points


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