29 Weeks and I ate pizza!

Can you believe it’s Tuesday already? You know what that means… Time to weigh-in!

WI #29 = -1.0 lbs
Total = -37.0 lbs (Yay me!)

I had mixed emotions about today’s weigh-in. I knew I had eaten On Plan (OP) all week. That means I used my Daily Points (DPs), Activity Points (APs) and my Weekly Points (WPs) and did not go into the red. I hate seeing when the numbers go RED. It’s like our brains are programmed to see red as danger, stop, bad. And having an Asian mother. Well… she is the master of guilt. When I see the “red”, the programmed guilt creeps in. So I try at all costs to keep out of the red. I earn APs. I run. I Zumba. I walk the dog.

But now that I’ve been OP for a while now, I realize it’s not just about staying in the points. I could eat 29DPs + 49 WPs + X APs every week in pizza. (Oh boy! You have no idea how much I wish I could!) But I know I’d gain. Even though I’d try to explain to my body that “I STAYED IN MY POINTS!”, it wouldn’t matter. I know I’d gain.

And that’s why I had mixed emotions about this weigh-in.
I ate pizza on Friday.
I ate buffalo wings on Sunday.
Ai yai yai!! Can you say S-O-D-I-U-M??

But go figure! I lost weight.

You know what else I’ve learned on my weight loss journey?

Portion control.

That has made all the difference.


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