Brooks running shoes and turtle charm

OHR W7D1 – need to repeat

Today was a discouraging run.

I don’t know what it was. I don’t know if I thought today would be easy b/c the beginning of a new week is always 30 min runs and then the rest of the week increases from there. And when it wasn’t easy, it made it that much harder. Does that even make sense? (I know I’m confused!)

I pre-planned my route before I left so I knew I’d be running past the Fire Station but I wasn’t prepared for the crowd of people gathering for a moment of silence. Then it hit me. Today was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks. Suddenly I had to stop and just stand there with them unable to say anything, staring at the flag at half staff waving in the morning wind. Even though I wasn’t “invited” no one stopped me from joining in. After standing for awhile I turned around and headed home. But I just couldn’t bring myself to run so I walked for a good 1/2 mile before I forced myself to run again.

By then the damage to my self-esteem had been done. At that moment I felt like a fraud. I’m questioning if I am a runner now. It’s not a good feeling.

Distance: 3.48 miles
Walk pace: 22:18/mile
Run pace: 15:24/mile


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