27 weeks and no I’m not pregnant.

It’s that time again! Tuesday Weigh-In Day.

*drum roll*

WI#27 = -2 lbs! w00t!

I can’t believe it’s #27. That means I’ve been on WW for 6 months and change.

Remember when I mentioned in my last post that I’m a creature of habit? It’s not just about my running schedule.

I have very specific rituals on weigh-in day. (I’m online only.)

1. Wake up. Feed dog.
2. Change into my running clothes. Go for a 3 mile run. (I always weigh less after a run.)
3. Come home. Run downstairs (Scale is in the 2nd bathroom)
4. Strip down to my birthday suit. (I can’t take a chance that my underwear adds any extra weight!)
5. Step on the scale.
6. Smile or scream (or both) depending on the number.
7. Run back upstairs and take a shower.
8. Eat breakfast (usually Fage greek yogurt, honey and fruit)
9. Text my husband and brother with WI results (They are my biggest supporters)
10. Update my stats on blog and tracker.

I do not deviate from this plan.

You think I’m joking. But I’m not. lol


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