Wendie and WI#26

Screenprint of Wendie Calculator

Who is Wendie?

Wendie is a former (current?) Weight Watcher member that came up with the idea of distributing your points throughout the week to confuse your metabolism. There are low days, high days and middle days.

You can read more about it (here) from Wendie herself. Please note that she is explaining her method using the old point system though. To figure out how to use the Wendie plan on the new Points Plus, I used (this) online calculator.

Here’s how mine broke down.

I chose Saturday as my high point day. Why?
Cousin’s bridal shower. There was bound to be cake.

Tuesday 36
Wednesday 29
Thursday 37
Friday 31
Saturday 51
Sunday 29
Monday 39

I chose the version that uses up all your Weekly Points (WPs) and no Activity Points (APs). Since I normally eat all my APs, I knew eating around 35-40 points would not be hard for me. But those 29 point days scared me! I really don’t understand people when they post on the WW discussion board that they get 29DPs and they simply can not eat that much. SERIOUSLY? Give them to me! I DO NOT have that problem! I mean. Come on. Isn’t that how we got fat in the first place? Hey! I’m just being honest.

Why did I choose to try the Wendie plan?

I’ve already lost almost 33lbs in 25 weeks. (Hurray for me!) Obviously I know WW works. But I think I’ve hit a point that separates the losers from the quitters. I’ve become complacent. I know me. I knew I needed something new. That’s where Wendie comes in.

So how did Wendie work for me?

WI #26 -0.6 lbs. *fist pump* Total -33.2lbs (I’ve lost a cinder block!)

Do I wish I had lost more? Sure. Doesn’t everyone? But I’m pretty darn excited to get out of this (+) then (-) then (+) rollercoaster that I’ve been on these last 3 weeks. So I would have taken ANY loss this week!

Why do I think it worked?

I think I use to loosely follow the Wendie plan on my own already. I rarely ate just 29DPs everyday. I eat out more on the weekends so Friday and Saturday were higher point days normally. But more than anything. I need structure in my life. I need to see the numbers. Since I knew exactly to the point how much to eat each day I think it really made me plan ahead. I admit I’ve become lazy about tracking. And THAT is the reason it worked for me. Pre-tracking is the key to success no matter what “plan” you follow.

Am I going to continue using the Wendie Plan with Weight Watchers?

I’m not sure. I’m kinda on the fence. One thing I didn’t consider is that the Wendie Plan does not take in account Activity Points (APs) and I realized since I didn’t get the “reward” of eating them, I didn’t really push myself to earn them either. I earned 1/2 of what I usually earned this week. I know you lose weight in the kitchen but I think the decreased activity DID affect my weight loss. At least mentally.

Who knows. I may return to Wendie if/when I hit a plateau but for now I think I’ll go back to the Clara Plan.


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