I was suppose to run today. But I didn’t.

I’m all about schedules. Oh… and post-its. Love those things too.

My current running schedule is Tuesday, Friday and Sunday with Zumba on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I walk my dog everyday. (That’s why she loves me more than my husband.)

So today I was suppose to run. But I didn’t.

My mom had surgery this morning so I was the designated driver and purse-holder. Lemme tell ya! I’ve had my fill of surgeries lately. Not only was I worried about my mom, I found out yesterday that my aunt has breast cancer. They did a biopsy and she’ll find out next week if it’s malignant or benign. This is some scary sh!t.

Today of all days, I really needed to run. If only just to be alone so I could cry. I’m sad, worried and angry at the same time.

I guess I wish I could ask someone WHY?

You know what’s really ironic about this whole thing. Obviously I got fat by eating a lot. But when I’m sad, I tend not to eat. I just don’t feel hungry. (This week’s WI should be interesting.) I just want to curl up in a ball with my favorite blanket until all my fears go away. Hey. That seemed to work when I was younger. Why can’t it work now?

UPDATE: My mom is out of surgery and recovering well.


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