Another Tuesday. Another date with my scale.

Today was Weigh-In (WI) #25. We’re in double digits people!

I was preparing myself for a gain b/c the last 3 weeks have been up, down, up and it was anybody’s guess on how my body was gonna react this week. I had high hopes that the 20 point pizza that I ate 2 days ago would magically disappear but like I said. I prepared myself.

I tiptoed downstairs (b/c that’s where the scale is), stripped down to my underwear (I don’t want my clothes adding any EXTRA weight), closed my eyes and got on. I waited a few seconds and opened my eyes. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! Down 2.6lbs! Whaaaaat? Not only that. I’m FINALLY below my pre-wedding weight. That means I’m more than 1/2 way to goal!

Most woman talk about getting to their pre-pregnancy weight as one of their mini goals but I have no kids so mine was pre-wedding. A time when I remember being skinnier. And today I did it! It took me 4 years to put on the weight and 5.5 months to lose it! Wow. I am so happy. I think I’ll go eat a cupcake….

Just kidding.


4 responses

  1. I think I am “pre-the last time I looked at a scale” weight right now. My biggest moment was when I realized I weighed less than what my drivers license said…

    • Omg me too! My license says I’m 30lbs heavier than I use to be. Oh and eeewww… my picture makes me look totally bloated. Just added a new reward to my list –> New DL when I reach goal! :)

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