Skinny Crème Brûlée (WW+ 5 points)

You can probably deduce from my blog name that I LOVE cupcakes, yes?

Well… Honestly I’m pretty much an equal opportunity desserts girl. But there’s one dessert in particular that I HAVE TO order if I see it on the menu: Crème Brûlée! <– I even know where all the accent marks go. lol.

Sadly, I haven't had a crème brûlée in almost 6 months. (That’s how long I’ve been on Weight Watchers. Can you believe it?) The thing about WW is that nothing is technically off limits but as you soon realize there are some foods that give you more bang for your buck point than others so my high point crème brûlée hasn’t made it on the menu in a while. Instead I’m opting for point friendly fruit lately.

But TODAY I needed a crème brûlée fix. When the cravings hit, they come hard and fast. And knowing me, I knew the only way to get past it was to indulge in it. Notice I said “indulge” not gorge. Unfortunately the points still haven’t changed in 6 months so I needed a “skinnier” option.

Even though it wasn’t the REAL thing, you can tell from the picture below, it wasn’t long before the ramekin was licked clean.

Skinny Crème Brûlée
Recipe adapted from Skinny Taste

Makes 1 serving
Original recipe = 5 WW+ points/serving
CB’s changes in red= 4 WW+ points/serving

1 tbsp low sugar strawberry preserves (I used 2 tbsp Smuckers sugar free strawberry preserves)
6 oz fat free vanilla Greek yogurt ex: Chobani (I used 0% Fage)
1 tbsp turbinado sugar (sugar in the raw)
1 sliced strawberry to top, optional

1. Place fruit preserves at the bottom of a 6 or 7 oz ramekin.
2. Top with yogurt. (I put a layer of preserves in the middle of the Greek yogurt layer *AND* on the bottom of the ramekin.) When ready to serve top with sugar.
3. Using a creme brulee torch, melt the sugar and form a crispy top. Cool a few minutes then top with fruit. Serve immediately.


Husband rating: N/A

Wifey rating: 4.5/5
I wasn’t fooling myself that this would be exactly like a creme brulee (b/c there’s no substitute for the luscious custard goodness) but this was an AWESOME skinny alternative. You could easily add a serving of healthy oil (don’t forget to add in the points!) to meet your Good Health Guidelines too. Love that burnt sugar crunch!


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