My own personal roller coaster

Bad. Clara. Bad. *smacks hand*

I know I haven’t been keeping you guys up to speed with my Weight Watchers progress. But I promise I’m still here. Doing my thing. You can see my updated stats (here).

Ironically summers make it harder for me to stay On Plan (OP) in my humble opinion. I mean I want to be bikini ready but it’s also the time of the year that I’m out and about, meeting friends for drinks, dinners with family etc. Talk about a rock and a hard place!

So the last 3 weeks have been a ± roller coaster while my eating (and drinking) have been all over the place. I think my saving grace is my running and Zumba. It’s helping me maintain.

But maintaining is NOT the goal here.

So this is ME kicking myself in the A$$.

Next week my husband is going in for surgery. So while he’s recovering, it’s back into the kitchen for some home cooked meals and giving my debit card (and waistline) a break.

Hear that scale!! *shaking fist*


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