The Lone Runner

I j'dore these blinged out running skirts. Where running, friends and fashion collide.

I call myself The Lone Runner. Like The Lone Ranger without the cool theme song. As per the name, I usually run alone. My husband can’t run and my dog would rather sniff the nearby tree(s) than pick up the pace.

Usually I don’t mind running alone. Gives me some ME time. But lately I’ve been a little burned out of the solitude of OHR and knew I needed to try something different. It’s not the program. It’s me. (Why do I feel like I’m in the middle of a break up? lol)

Time to mix it up a little bit!

When I got fitted for my Brooks running shoes (♥) back in May, I knew the store had a running group too. They meet on various days during the week. The closest one to me met every Sunday at 8am at a park but I’ve been too much of a wuss until now. So TODAY I decided to just go already.

We did a 1 mile warmup, 2 mile run and 1 mile cool down. A few of them went on to do the whole interval 2x (!!) But I pooped out after 3.5 miles. That seems to be my limit right now. I was the slowest one but that’s ok. All of them said they have been running off/on for 10-25 years and encouraged me not to give up. It was very motivating. Especially the 60 year old woman that was in TOTALLY amazing shape and ran her last 5K in 19 mins. All I could do was listen to her with a gaped mouth open in awe.

I hope I’m still running 5Ks at 60.

Now to find some friends that will wear a sparkly running skirt with me. Any takers?

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