OC Fair 5K

"And we're off!"

Brooks running shoes and turtle charm

Today was my 3rd 5K! Not only that, I’m running with my friend Susan. I don’t know what made me more nervous. The actual 5K or meeting Susan for the first time. I know what you’re thinking… What do you mean “first time”?

Susan and I belong to a internet running group. There are members from all over the USA that get together on a chat board and talk about running. Even though we don’t run together on a regular basis, all these women are an invaluable source of support and motivation to me.

When Susan and I realized we lived about 40 mins from each other, we decided what better place to meet for the first time than to run a 5K together. So that’s what we did! And it was awesome. I made a new PR and Susan placed 11th in her age group!

OC Fair 5K 36:13

Distance: 3.07 miles
Walk pace: N/A
Run pace: 11:40/mile


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